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Prefectural government offices and municipal offices have assembly halls and committee rooms to hold assemblies and committees. In the assembly halls and committee rooms, some management tasks are generally performed. For example, voices of remarks are amplified and recorded, assembly videos are distributed and recorded, voting status is checked and displayed, and assembly members' attending/leaving of the meeting places is checked. Hence, a system to support such assembly operation is indispensable. JRC calls these systems the "assembly support system" or "assembly hall system" generically. The assembly hall system's most important purpose is to "support smooth assembly operation," so the system's operability and reliability must be sufficient. In addition, since this system is a group of many systems, and has a variety of functions, there is a considerable amount of installation construction and maintenance. In other words, the efficiency of installation construction and maintenance must be also considered to ensure both reliability and cost minimization.

Hence, while keeping the operability in which the know-how of the assembly hall system is utilized, we developed a new assembly hall system which realizes excellent reliability using a full-duplex voice amplification system, simplified wiring between devices, and mitigation of maintenance work by an automatic check-up function.

Tsutomu Kohnosu
Hiroshi Torii
Masashi Furukawa
Yutaka Sada
Yuuki Ikeda
Takashi Nagayachi