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Common Platform IPS-800 Series are incorporated computers for control use, developed as common platforms for the system of demands from government and public sectors.

Abundant network boards and interface board families, which are necessary for constructing disaster prevention systems such as dam control systems, river information systems, road information systems, or telemeter alert systems, are available.

In addition, JRC has mounted a real-time OS, T-Kernel, standardized various types of software to be used for I/O signals processing, networks, MLIT standard communications specifications, and made it possible to design highly reliable systems on a short delivery basis.

Yasushi Takizawa
Masahiro Suzuki
Kenichi Yoshida
Tatsuji Fujise
Toru Iwabuchi
Shuji Yasukura
Jun Satoh
Eiji Ikari
Toshiyuki Agawa
Mizuki Matsuura
Katsutoshi Shimizu
Tsutomu Takahashi
Takashi Okuyama