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MLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)/local governments have introduced many camera devices for monitoring space and facilities throughout road and river areas, performing monitoring on a daily basis to rapidly cope with natural disasters, which have been increasing recently. In particular, in the case of MLIT, optical fiber networks have been developed on a nationwide scale due to the promotion of the information highway plan. Thus, for the enormous number of camera devices currently installed, it is the development policy to build a system which utilizes MPEG2 to enable to transfer high-quality images using those optical fiber networks. It is however very difficult currently to constantly monitor such an enormous number of videos. Although simple storage devices have been introduced individually in some cases, such devices are only tentative storages of the videos, and video's quality and operation methods are also limited. Hence, JRC developed a storage/replay system aiming at saving, replaying, and searching for various videos effectively, and enhanced the system's added value by collaborating this system with the existing CCTV facility. In the future, JRC will deploy the CCTV system in the market by proposing this image storage/replay system.

Ikuo Ueda
Jun Nagashiro
Norihide Sekitoh
Tomonobu Takeshita
Yuji okada
Naohito Horikawa