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The road information system is a system to collect and distribute road information (information on the weather surrounding roads, constructions, regulations and so on) varying successively so that road managers can manage roads safely and effectively. Since such road information has been broadly provided for general road users too, an even more highly immediate and reliable system than ever is required.

Under these circumstances, the road information system was built, which was configured with a system to enter regulation information into a Website, a system to collect road information to stations, and a system to provide road information.

This made it possible to improve the system's reliability, and provide road information in a real-time manner.

Hideyuki Menjoh
Masao Takeda
Yoshiaki Kasezawa
Hidenori Kobayashi
Takayoshi Inoue
Atsunori Ikeda
Akira Masuda
Atsunori Nakamura
Tatsuya Enokido