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Kumamoto Prefecture has been greatly damaged by floods and landslides in the past due to heavy rainfall in flood seasons and directly hit of typhoons. Additionly, in recent years, a natural disaster has been greater than past ones, such as localized concentrated downpours and long-term floods due to be a urbanization and a global warming, fortermore affected wide-area damages due to big typhoon, or sudden earthquakes. Therefore, it has become urgent to grasp real-time information on the status of disaster damages such as quantity of rainfall, water level, tide level, or weather information, and to deliver such information to the residents appropriately and rapidly. Thus, Kumamoto Prefecture has been providing the latest information on quantity of rainfall, water level, degree of landslide risk, and tide level as well as weather information for the residents as part of the information for disaster prevention. The system JRC introduces here is provided to grasp the risk of disaster occurrence based on various data of the areas exposed to the risks of various disasters, predict residents' damages, and to support residents' evacuation. Devices in the system are connected by the network, so that they can be shared and utilized. In addition, collected data and processed results can be disclosed to the residents by information publication technologies, as well as be rapidly transferred to the appropriate local goverments concerned.

Masayuki Oniishi
Norito Kakiuchi
Ryuhou Nakaguchi