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Japan has many experiences of windstorms, floods, and earthquake damages. When disasters have occurred or are foreseen, the nation, prefectures, and local governments place disaster countermeasure headquarters, and collect damage information and take measures for minimizing damages.

Triggered by the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995, prefectural governments have been accelerating development of disaster prevention centers.

On the other hand, in the Chuetsu Earthquake of Niigata Prefecture, which occurred in 2004, some issues were raised as to the operating methods of the disaster prevention center.

JRC proposes a comprehensive disaster prevention information system assisting disaster countermeasures of prefectural governments by utilizing abundant experiences of real-time information collection/distribution system of earthquakes, meteorology, hydrology, and roads, and the know-how of building the comprehensive disaster prevention information system.

JRC received an order of construction of developing the Tochigi Prefecture crisis management center, which is to be developed together with the building of the new prefectural government office. This report also introduces the status of the system building of this center.

Kunikazu Kumaki
Akinori Mori
Yukihide Katoh
Sadaharu Hashimoto
Toshiaki Haruki
Shoji Shirakawa
Toshiharu Otani
Tetsuya Urakawa