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Nowadays, in municipal governments, digitalization of the disaster management radio system (mobile communication system) is progressing along with municipal merger.

The digital mobile communication system has better affinity with digital data than the analog mobile communication system, so that ser vices regarding various types of data transmission can be implemented in addition to voice communications.

JRC delivered the municipal digital simultaneous communication system to the city of Matsue in March, 2006, and realized transmission of images, characters, and FAX in the system. This system is being used as a system in which the merits expected for this system are fully utilized.

Yoshiyuki Ogawa
Hiroyuki Inokuchi
Teruo Okano
Hirotaka Fujiwara
Toshihisa Kawajiri
Shinichi Honma
Hidekazu Tanaka
Koutaro Miyazawa
Yutaka Suenaga
Shuji Hirosawa
Isamu Fukushima
Takashi Kondou
Akio Hiraishi
Makoto Yasui
Akito Fujita