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The simultaneous directive system is a system for transferring disaster information and administrative information from agencies concerned to many terminal stations at the prefectural government office, its branches, municipal offices, and agencies concerned using the prefectural disaster management radio system in the formats of voice, FAX, or data. This is an indispensable function of the prefectural disaster management radio system together with individual telephones, FAX communications, and mobile communications.

IP implementation of transmission lines began in the tertiary prefecture disaster prevention project from fiscal 2003, and JRC has also developed a simultaneous directive system using IP transmission, which corresponds to this campaign, and has already delivered this. We report at this time because functions have been further advanced.

Yasushi Yamauchi
Yutaka Suenaga
Yoshiaki Suzuki
Takashi Ono
Teruo Okano
Shinichi Honma
Kouichirou Takagi