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For Saga Prefecture, JRC built the Saga Prefectual Goverment Disaster Management communications network as a network of "full IP."

It was the first case across the country to build a Goverment Disaster Management communications network into which the "full IP" method was implemented and ground radio lines and administrative optical lines were integrated.

Furthermore, by 260MHz band digital mobile radio communications and second generation satellite radio communications, this network can rapidly collect and transfer information on the disasters which occurred across the prefecture to the facilities of the nation and prefecture, prefectural government (disaster management center), relay stations, prefectural on-site agencies, municipal offices, fire headquarters, dams, disaster prevention agencies, and so on.

This paper mainly introduces the configuration and characteristics of the radio facilities JRC delivered.

Koji Kiyomiya
Nobutaka Ogawa
Shinichi Homma
Hidekazu Tanaka
Isamu Fukushima
Shinichi Mizuno
Takahiro Ohkawa
Koichiro Takagi
Akio Hiraishi