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AM radio assembly course

An "AM radio assembly course" was held in "University Town 'Sendai/Miyagi' Science Day 2013" continued from the previous year.

The course was held as part of an experience-based science event, with the concept that "The day, on which both adults and children can experience the 'process of science' with their five senses".

We helped children experience themselves with amusement and the burden to fabricate a radio and an impression on completion.

In addition, this effort won an "award for being very easy to understand" by selection within events in this year.

Image:University Town 'Sendai/Miyagi' Science Day 2013 Image:award for being very easy to understand

Contribution to biodiversity conservation

For the construction work for facilities to manage Watarase Yusuichi (Watarase Pond), which was officially registered as a wetland under the Ramsar Convention in 2012, we won a Construction Excellence Award and an Excellent Construction Engineer Award from the Kanto Regional Development Bureau, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Performing construction works which considered various aspects of the environment was highly valued.

【Part of items considering the environment】

  Prioritizing efforts to address biodiversity, low-vibration and low-noise construction equipment were adopted.
  With environmental consideration, only RoHS*-compliant construction materials were used.
  As safety management, a "wind-speed monitoring and alarming system" was manufactured and adopted for work at elevation involving a crane car, properly implementing the safety management complying with the Labor Standards Act.
  The latest earthquake-resistant design and construction based on an investigative report for telecommunication equipment after the Great East Japan Earthquake was implemented.

* RoHS: A directive in Europe restricting chemical substances included in products

Image:Contribution to biodiversity conservation

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