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Approaches to environmentally-conscious products: To help the sustainable society, we are working on environmental consideration for the products. Report on environmental activities Compliance with legal criterion values Green procurement Prevent global warming Waste and recycling Management of chemicals Engagement with the society

Type II environmental label

Specifying our voluntary standard "Type II environmental label" to design environmentally-conscious products, our company is developing and manufacturing environmentally-conscious products aiming to reduce the environmental load of products.

Revising the standard of the "Type II environmental label" since 2012, an assessment based on a further strict standard was started.

Image:Type II environmental label   The logo of the "Type II environmental label" is designed in the motif of deodars at our company's Mitaka plant.   Image:deodars at our company's Mitaka plant

Approaches to chemical substances contained in products and parts

For chemical substances contained in products, various legal regulations and requests from industry groups and customers are increasing year by year.

Based on wide-ranging requests, our company investigates the chemical substances contained in products and parts to ensure environmental consideration of the same.

In addition, we ask suppliers to manage chemical constituents in accordance with the list of environmentally hazardous substances in the Green Procurement Guidelines.

  Image:List of environmentally hazardous substances

List of environmentally hazardous substances


An LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) means an assessment of the load on the environment through the life of products (overall life cycle).
An LCA for PHS (JHP-953) was performed in fiscal 2013.
The number of target models will be increased in future, and LCAs for large-scale models will also be promoted.

Image:Life Cycle


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