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Status of compliance with legal criterion values: Status of compliance with legal regulations in 2013 is reported.Status of compliance with legal criterion values: Status of compliance with legal regulations in 2013 is reported. Report on environmental activities Environmentally conscious products Green procurement Prevent global warming Waste and recycling Management of chemicals Engagement with the society

Status of compliance with legal regulations at plants

Conditions within our company's plants are controlled by our voluntary standard values, which exceed the legal standard values.

The status of compliance with major legal criteria as of 2013 was as follows:

In addition, actual measurement values measured at "specified in-house locations and time" and complying with legal standards are entered as measurement values.

Legal standard values Voluntary standard values Achievement
in 2013
Air Pollution Control Law [Particulate] concentration 0.3 g/Nm³ 0.27 g/Nm³ 0.001 g/Nm³
Nitrogen oxides Not exceeding
90 ppm
Not exceeding
81 ppm
67 ppm
Sulfur oxides (No.3 furnace) 0.62 Nm³/h 0.56 Nm³/h 0.04 Nm³/h
Sulfur oxides (Nos.1 and 2 furnaces) 1.5 Nm³/h 1.35 Nm³/h 0.07 Nm³/h
Sewerage Law
Water Pollution Control Law
Hydrogen ion concentration (pH) 5.7~8.7 5.9~8.5 7.2~8.5
Normal hexane extracted substances Not exceeding
30 mg/L
Not exceeding
26 mg/L
1.7~9.2 mg/L
Trichloroethylene Not exceeding
0.3 mg/L
Not exceeding
0.15 mg/L
0.03 mg/L
Tetrachloroethylene Not exceeding
0.1 mg/L
Not exceeding
0.05 mg/L
0.01 mg/L
Dichloromethane Not exceeding
0.2 mg/L
Not exceeding
0.1 mg/L
0.002 mg/L
Other harmful substances - - Not exceeding standard value
Noise Regulation Law Adjacent residential area: Daytime 60 dB or less 48~64 dB*
Industrial area: Daytime 70 dB or less 48~62 dB
Vibration Regulation Law Residential and industrial area 60~65 dB or less 28.8~41.1 dB

* It is confirmed that the value is "Not higher than 59 dB" when the exhaust fans of external adjacent facilities are not in operation.

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