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Report on environmental activities: The results of approaches to the environment in fiscal 2013 are reported.

Approaches to products and procurement

The LCA* has been promoted to cope with the ErP Directive.

* LCA is explained in the section of "Approaches to environmentally-conscious products".

Approaches to business activities

Energy consumption in fiscal 2013 decreased by 34.5% compared with fiscal 2009 due to the partial closing of factories.
The recycling rate was 97.8%, including waste generated from domestic plants or construction sites, achieving the goal for the fiscal year.

Environmental accounting

The investment amount related to the environment in fiscal 2013 was 81% of the preceding fiscal year, and the cost for the area within the business was 75% of the preceding fiscal year, due to the impact of restructuring in the group and the closure of plants. Although energy-saving improvement activities were stagnating in preparation for the relocation or closing of plants and the removal of offices, for research and development costs considering the environmental load and mainly focusing on marine and communication equipment, four times as much as the preceding fiscal year was added up.



  Image:Economic effect accompanied by the environmental conservation effect

Economic effect accompanied by the environmental conservation effect

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