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Holding a science class

We held the "AM radio assembly class" at the "Academic town Sendai-Miyagi Science-day 2012" held at Tohoku University on July 15 (Sunday).

Children participated in this event, which was hands-on and reflected the concept "a day for young and old to be able to feel "processes" of science by their five senses" and grinned broadly after listening to broadcasts on radios which they themselves had manufactured and took them home as dear treasures.

Image:science class

Support activities in the event of disaster

We were awarded by the Kinki Regional Development Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for our contribution to emergency measures for the disaster caused by the 12th Typhoon Talas in 2011.

The award was to recognize our swift and appropriate emergency measures for disaster in response to the big damage caused by record-breaking total rainfall which is over 1,000 mm, particularly on the Kii peninsula.


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