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Shift in the quantity of waste generated and the recycling ratio

The quantity of waste generated was 3,300 t and the recycling ratio* was 91.7% in fiscal 2012.

The quantity of waste generated soared and the recycling ratio decreased since fiscal 2012, due to expanding the scope of the subject area from only factories as previously to waste generated at construction sites and others.

We will work to improve this recycling ratio in future, targeting a goal of 95% by fiscal 2014.

*Recycle rate= Recycled amount
Waste generation

Image:Transition in the quantity of waste generated and recycling

Transition in the quantity of waste generated and recycling

Dealing with PCB waste

Our company is storing and managing waste containing PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) used previously (hereinafter referred to as PCB waste).

PCB waste, which had been stored at the Saitama plant, was transferred to the Mitaka plant this fiscal year, and is properly stored and managed in accordance with various laws.

For high-concentration PCB waste, disposal based on laws and regulations will be implemented after consultation with the Japan Environmental Safety Corporation (JESCO) in future.

Image:Storage cabinet for PCB waste   Image:storage status

Storage cabinet for PCB waste and storage status

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