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Promotion of green purchasing

We joined the Green Purchasing Network in 1998 and compiled "Green Procurement Guidelines" in 1999, making a conscious choice to purchase environmentally aware products preferentially.

When ordering office supplies in the company, we are striving to purchase them only after confirming whether they are environmentally-conscious or not, as well as the cost.

In particular, for office automation paper, which is purchased in bulk, a certain selection standard pursuant to the general performance index system is established to prepare the list for recommended products.
  Image:Green Purchasing Network

Environmental consideration by renewing working clothes

A contract for carbon offset when renewing working clothes was concluded.

The carbon offset means a system to offset all or part of greenhouse gas emissions by reducing emissions or amounts absorbed elsewhere.

Greenhouse gas of 5 kg per set of working clothes was offset.

Image:New working clothes and the tag for carbon offset

New working clothes and the tag for carbon offset

Green Procurement Guidelines

We are continuously reexamining the contents of the Green Procurement Guidelines to reflect domestic and international environmental awareness and requirements in the same.

The latest fifth edition of the Green Procurement Guidelines were published in November, 2011.

  Image:Green Procurement Guideline (Fifth edition)

Green Procurement Guideline (Fifth edition)

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