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Report on environmental activities The results of approaches to the environment in fiscal 2012 are reported.

Approaches to products and procurement

To deal with the Energy-related Product (ErP) Directive, a trial for LCA* was implemented.
The lack of in-house applications developed meant an achievement level of 50 percent.

*LCA is explained in the section of "Approaches to environmentally-conscious products".

Approaches to business activities

The recycling ratio of 91.7% in fiscal 2012 marked a significant decline from the figure of 99.6% for the previous fiscal year. This is due to expanding the scope of the subject area from only factories as previously to waste generated at construction sites and others.

Environmental accounting

The investment value relating to the environment in fiscal 2012 remained unchanged from the previous year. In addition, the economic effect accompanied by that of environmental conservation was increased by 66%.

Regarding the environmental conservation effect, greenhouse gas was 47t-CO2 and resource reduction was 461.9 t.

As a main measure, lighting equipment was converted to LED.



Image:Economic effect accompanied by the environmental conservation effect

Economic effect accompanied by the environmental conservation effect

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