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Objectives and targets:Environmental objectives are established and environmental targets set based on the basic policy.

Objectives of environmental activities Targets of Environmental Activities
1. Expansion of environmentally-conscious products
1. To boost the sales ratio of environmentally-conscious products conforming with our company's type II environmental label evaluation criteria to 25% or more by fiscal 2014
2. Promote countermeasures for the REACH Regulation.
3. Promote countermeasures for the ErP Directive continuously.
2. Promote green procurement
1. To improve the Green Procurement percentage of all materials, parts, devices and products that comprise the shipped products to 90% by fiscal 2013.
2. Thoroughly control the inclusion of chemical substances in products of foreign subcontractors.
3. Promote measures to prevent global warming
Reduce company-wide energy consumption (expressed as carbon dioxide from power generation, city gas, heavy oil) by 6.2% compared with the actual fiscal 2009 level (11,279 tons-CO2) by fiscal 2014.
4. Promote 3R
To raise the recycling ratio, including domestic and overseas bases and subsidiaries, to 95% or more by fiscal 2014
5. Comply with laws and regulations related to the environment and other social requirements
Comply with criterion values in the laws and customer requirements.

* REACH : Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals

* ErP Directive : Directive for establishing a framework to set ecodesign requirements for energy-related products

*This information current as of April 1, 2012.

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