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Top Message:To take a leap forward to the new Japan Radio Co., Ltd We will help realize sustainable societies by leveraging our technological strength, which has been cultivated for many years.

Our company has continually striven to improve information technologies under a management philosophy "that we shall apply its creative and intelligent resources to develop technologies and products of superior value, in order to contribute to the realization of a society of ever higher quality.". Subsequently, we will mark the centenary of the foundation in 2015, two years later. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued patronage over the years.

We formulated the next 3-year management plan "NEXT2015" in fiscal 2012, which incorporated two management visions, namely "To help improve safety and security for all people in the world via sophisticated radio communication technologies" and "To help realize sustainable societies by providing environmentally-conscious products". Our company will strive for the development of societies exploiting extensive technologies, knowledge and experience in the telecommunications area, which have been accumulated since the foundation, with those two management visions in mind.

On the other hand, the social situation surrounding our company is changing rapidly, marking a major turning point. We announced the implementation of "business structural reform for new growth" in September 2012. In future, we will establish a bold challenge and take a leap forward to the "new Japan Radio Co., Ltd." by implementing measures such as expanding overseas projects, relocating production functions to associated companies and reforming purchasing and logistics.
As part of this scope, the Saitama plant, one of the production bases, was closed down in 2012, while continuous planning will also involve relocating one of the major production bases, the Mitaka plant. For this relocation, we are considering various kinds of study to reduce the environmental load.

Incidentally, in terms of environmental approaches in fiscal 2012, the power supply for the energy-saving data center "XECHNO®Power + FRESH HVDC®" developed by three companies, our company, NTT DATA INTELLILINK Corporation and NTT DATA Corporation, won the "Minister's Prize of Economic, Trade and Industry" in the "Energy-Saving Category of the Green IT AWARD 2012". This means advanced energy-saving initiatives to mitigate increasing power consumption at data centers were acclaimed and reflected the success of our management vision as mentioned above, in terms of our company contributing to society and the environment via our targeted products.

In addition, part of the items mentioned and the data were changed, starting from the environmental report this fiscal year. This change is to ensure consistency with the contents of the fiscal performance report for the medium-term environmental goal of the parent company, Nisshinbo Holdings Inc.
At the same time, we addressed efforts to enrich the contents of the report, including expanding part of the scope of data aggregation.

We intend to implement continuous improvement in future to present our company's environmental activities in an easily understandable way.

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