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Taking steps to combat global warming
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We are addressing energy-saving collectively by strictly enforcing the Cool Biz campaign in summer, Warm Biz in winter and fabricating posters and others.

In addition, to promote energy-saving, we are also replacing facilities including lighting and air-conditioning equipment with new energy-efficient equivalents on a sequential basis.

We are asking cars entering our premises to cooperate with the idling stop campaign.

Changes in energy usage

We set an energy consumption reduction target of 6.2% compared with the actual level in fiscal 2009 (11,279-CO2) by fiscal 2014.

The actual achievement in fiscal 2011 was a reduction of 10.2% compared with the actual level in fiscal 2009, significantly exceeding the reduction target. The major factors are deemed to be countermeasures in response to the civil power consumption restriction code following the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Image:Cool Biz

Image:Warn Biz

Image:Idling Stop

Fig:Changes in energy usage

*Data on domestic business sites is not included in the above graph.


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