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Top Message:To a true eco-company as a member of Nisshinbo Holdings Inc. To continue to exist together with the global environment We will help create a sustainable society with technological strength. President T.Tsuchida
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The year 2011 was a landmark; influencing the future of both Japanese society and our company.

The Great East Japan Earthquake, which occurred on March 11 and remains vivid in the memory, as well as the imposition of civil power restrictions as part of efforts to cope with subsequent issues involving the nuclear power plant and the subsequent tightness of electric power supply and demand forced our company to also take measures such as transferring our business office and rotating holidays. In addition, the flood in Thailand made it difficult to procure electric parts, influencing our production.

Conversely, it was a year to renew our awareness, that our own technologies help solve various environmental issues, through repeated natural disasters and accompanying power-saving efforts. During the Great East Japan Earthquake in particular, we lent portable wireless devices to devastated municipalities to support stricken areas.

We have devoted ourselves to studying information-communication technologies to globally market numerous products since our foundation in 1915. We are aggressively promoting global conservation or contributions to society, as well as helping develop society through our business. Although our radio communication technologies may be unlikely to come to your attention directly, they underpin safety and quality of life of people worldwide and global conservation as a feature of social infrastructure.

Wide-ranging control systems for water, rivers and dams, etc., handled by the Solution Business Division, monitor natural disasters and allow a swift response to any incident. Such information-communication systems for disaster prevention are becoming increasingly important due to their role and involvement in emergency measures at the time of disaster and comprehensive disaster restoration support. In addition, high-voltage DC power supply systems (HVDC) help save energy for data centers.

The marine electronics business supports safety and effective navigation by navigation systems consists of high-level telecommunication and navigation equipment in the form of “Marine-oriented JRC”. J-Marine GIS (marine version GIS) supports energy-saving navigation, as well as safety navigation, via the effective and integrated collection, management, analysis and indication by our independently developed technologies for wide-ranging information concerning ship operation, including the condition of the ship, meteorological and oceanographic information and marine traffic. In addition, electronic fishery devices boost rational and economic operation in line with changes in current and ocean biology accompanied by global warming.

The communication products business is helping ease traffic congestion, reduce CO2 emissions and realize a high level of mobility in society thanks to in-vehicle ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) systems and VICS (Vehicle Information and Communication System) within the scope of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems).

Previously, we were granted the environment management system certification ISO14001, and have since progressed with various environmental activities, including energy-saving, promotion of recycling and the aggressive development of environmentally-friendly products based on the same. We have been a member of Nisshinbo Holdings Inc. since the last fiscal year, deepening internal cooperation with said company. Their mid-term objectives include environmental activities required in the age to come such as reinforcing biodiversity preservation activities and promoting CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) procurement and life cycle assessment, in addition to conventional efforts. We would like to steadily promote such activities to achieve these objectives.

We consider that the implementation of our business activities itself contributes to the environment. In particular, we will focus our efforts on the smart community business as one of the domains of the environment and energy, leveraging our company's radio communication and information-processing technologies and those of the Nisshinbo group (solar power generation systems, electric double-layer capacitors and fuel cells, etc.) in future. Consequently, we intend to make a leap forward to becoming a true eco-company as a member of the Nisshinbo group, fulfilling our social responsibility.

Now, in the performance of activities in fiscal 2011, regarding energy consumption, the environmental objective was stipulated as follows: "the company-wide energy consumption shall be reduced by 6.2% compared with the actual level in fiscal 2009 by fiscal 2014" since fiscal 2011. The actual level in fiscal 2011 saw a reduction of 10.2% compared with fiscal 2009, achieving the target with a significant reduction. The major factors are deemed to be countermeasures for the civil power consumption restriction code accompanied by the Great East Japan Earthquake. In addition, regarding activity to reduce the environmental load of products, the target level in fiscal year reflected in the statement “the application rate of the new evaluation criteria of the JRC's Type II Environmental Label to new originally planned and developed products (Kan Teki SenⅡ-1101) shall be 30% or more” remained unachieved, meaning the number of models for registration application was zero and the application ratio was 0%. The environmental load reduction for the product system requires further efforts. Moreover, this fiscal year, we would like to promote activity contributing to society related to biodiversity preservation as well as increasing the number of compatible models for the new evaluation criteria of the JRC's Type II Environmental Label mentioned above.


For details, please refer to the following pages.

Finally, to continue our environmental conservation activities, we need your opinions in addition to our information disclosure. We would be delighted to hear your comments or opinions about our environmental activities.

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