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Complying with values specified by law
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We manage plants with voluntary standards stricter than those that are legally binding.

The compliance status of the major standards in the laws in fiscal 2010 is as follows:

  Legal standard values Voluntary standard values Achievement in 2010 Compliance
Air Pollution Control Law [Particulate] concentration Not exceeding 0.3g/Nm³ Not exceeding 0.27g/Nm³ 0.007g/Nm³
Nitrogen oxides Not exceeding 90ppm Not exceeding 81ppm 76ppm
Sulfur oxides (No.3 furnace) Not exceeding 0.62Nm³/h Not exceeding 0.56Nm³/h Not exceeding 0.07Nm³/h
Sulfur oxides (Nos.1 and 2 furnaces) Not exceeding 1.5Nm³/h Not exceeding 1.35Nm³/h Not exceeding 0.08Nm³/h
Sewerage Law Hydrogen ion concentration (pH) 5.7 - 8.7 5.7 - 8.7 5.8 - 8.2
Normal hexane extracted substances Not exceeding 30mg/L Not exceeding 26mg/L Lower than 1.0 – Not exceeding 19.6mg/L
Trichloroethylene Not exceeding 0.3mg/L Not exceeding 0.15mg/L 0.03mg/L or less (ND)
Tetrachloroethylene Not exceeding 0.1mg/L Not exceeding 0.05mg/L 0.01mg/L or less (ND)
Dichloromethane Not exceeding 0.2mg/L Not exceeding 0.1mg/L 0.02mg/L or less (ND)
Other harmful substances   Not exceeding standard value
Noise Regulation Law Mitaka Plant Not exceeding 60 dB (Adjacent residential area: Daytime) *1 48 - 70dB
(The maximum value was recorded during the operation of the ventilation fan of the external adjacent facility and by the shrill of a cicada)
Not exceeding 70 dB (Industrial area: Daytime) 48 - 65dB
Saitama Plant Not exceeding 65dB Not exceeding 63dB 48.2 – 56.0dB
Vibration Regulation Law Mitaka Plant Not exceeding 60 - 65 dB (Residential and industrial area) 26.8 – 45.3dB
Saitama Plant Not exceeding 65dB Not exceeding 63dB 24.4 – 41.6dB

*1It is confirmed that the value is "Not higher than 56 dB" when the exhaust fans of external adjacent facilities are not in operation.
   (The observed values shown above are measured at "In-house fixed points and the time" in accordance with the legal criteria.)


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