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Top Message:Conserving the global environment is one of the common issues facing humanity. President Y. Suwa
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At JRC we have been conducting our business in an environmental conscious manner in accordance with the basic philosophy of our environmental policy, which is to recognize that conserving the global environment is one of the most important issues facing humanity, and take conservation of the environment into account in every stage of our operations.

Because of the sharp increase in CO2 emissions from some countries with newly developed economies due to industrial globalization, appropriate countermeasures must be taken as rapidly as possible. In addition, other environmental problems such as a grave biodiversity crisis are now emerging. To cope with those issues, actions toward environmental conservation are moving into a new stage; with calls for the establishment of systems related to the post-Kyoto Protocol trend and conservation of biological diversity, both at home and abroad.
It is becoming more important for business enterprises to strive for environmental conservation during their business project planning because of their obligations to enforce energy efficiency measures and conserve biological diversity in accordance with the Revised Regulations on Energy Saving, and the Basic Act on Biological Diversity that came into force in June 2008 respectively. Saving energy, reducing industrial waste and intensifying the control of volatile organic compounds (VOC) are our main themes for manufacturing plants (sites).

We base our challenges for the environment on ISO14001 and are putting it into practice to increase environmentally conscious design products and to engage in environmentally conscious production as the president policy. In concrete terms, we have established the 6 objectives in the environmental plan of this fiscal year such as "expansion of environmentally conscious design products", "promotion of green procurement" and "taking further global warming countermeasures". We will strive to achieve the challenges we have set ourselves one by one by e.g. increasing the percentage of newly developed in-house products compatible with our Type II Environmental Label (RoHS compatible and our own standards) to 90% or more in the area of technological development, reducing industrial waste emissions in the area of production and company-wide energy consumption.

Now, as for the actual performance of fiscal 2008, the annual energy consumption reduction target was not achieved in terms of the environmental conservation activity of the manufacturing plants because the energy consumption per unit production price increased by 0.4% compared to the level of the previous fiscal year (the target being a reduction of 2.5% or more). In terms of activities intended to reduce the environmental impact in products, the target application rate of products to Type II Environment Label was not achieved because the rate for fiscal 2008 was 43% (the target being 90% or higher).
In fiscal 2009, we will actively continue to promote energy saving and raise the application rate of products to the Type II Environment Label.

For details, please refer to the following pages.

Finally, to continue our environmental conservation activities, we need your opinions in addition to our information disclosure. We would be delighted to hear your comments or opinions about our environmental activities.

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