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Taking steps to combat global warming

We have registered ourselves as members of the Team -6%. We are rigidly enforcing "Cool Biz" activities and making posters and tags. We are collaborating to reduce greenhouse effect gas emissions.

In addition, to promote energy saving, we are replacing facilities including lighting apparatus and air-conditioning equipment with new energy-efficient equivalents on a sequential basis as a continuous contribution to help prevent global warming.

We are asking cars entering our premises to cooperate with the idling stop campaign to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Changes in energy usage

The goal to reduce 2.5% or more of energy consumption per unit production price compared with the previous fiscal year, which was set to reduce the energy consumption per unit production price to below the level of actual achievement of fiscal 1990 by fiscal 2010, was achieved in fiscal 2007. The actual reduction achieved for fiscal 2007 was 3.2%.

Image:Changes in energy usage
Image:Cool Biz activities

Image:idling stop campaign

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