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Developing environmental conscious product

  We aim to reduce the environmental loads of our products through the manufacture of environmental conscious products via the establishment of a "Design manual of environmentally conscious products"

Introduction of example products designed in accordance with "Power saving, resource saving, recycling and reduction of harmful materials" in Target items for environmental awareness

23.1 inch color S band radar
Ship satellite communication terminal
Image:JMA-9132-SA Image:JUE-250

Fixed wireless station for
telemetering system
Multiplex communication system
IP multiplex wireless communication system
Image:NFS-460 Image:IP multiplex wireless communication system

Integrated relay station transmitter
JBS-203 series
Digital TV broadcasting
Multipath fading simulator
Image:JBS-203 series Image:NJZ-5000

On-vehicle ETC device for two wheels
400MHz digital on-vehicle radio for taxi
Image:JRM-11 Image:JHM-438S

Car-borne GPS receiver
PHS mobile phone
Image:CCA-512 Image:PHS mobile phone

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