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At JRC we have been conducting our business in an environmental conscious manner in accordance with the basic philosophy of our environmental policies, which is to recognize that conserving the global environment is one of the most important problems facing humanity, and take conservation of the environment into account in every stage of our operations.

Upon viewing natural environments on a global scale, we find that climatic changes are exerting a serious impact, such as the increasing cases of abnormal climate and extinction of species, shown as specific examples of abnormal climate in the Fourth Assessment Report published this year by the "IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on the Climatic Change)", an organization of the United Nations. Intensification of diversity and specificity are required in the effort of enterprises toward establishing a society of the resource regeneration type (sustainable). Unceasing efforts are also requested for energy conservation, the reduction of industrial waste and intensified control of volatile organic compounds (VOC) at manufacturing plants (sites). RoHS Directives are enforced on product design in Europe. It is anticipated that a variety of forms of control will be enforced and/or implemented in relation to -compatible products, with RoHS directives taken as the source of momentum. The importance of environmental risk management and the social evaluation of enterprises are also intensified.

Photo:President Yorihisa SuwaWe acquired ISO 14001 environmental management system certification in 1998, and since the very beginning of our ISO environmental activities have been working to conserve the environment in line with a fundamental principle of conserving the environment. Starting in 2005, we have decided to put in place a president's policy for environmental activities each year, in which we will prioritize specified themes. We have newly introduced the Type II environmental label since 2006 as "an extension of environmental conscious products". We have taken its compliance as the target of our environmental activities. To ensure the continued survival and prosperity of the company, we must respond to various environment-related requests and demands from society, and we are committed to making a contribution to society by improving our operations in the environmental realm.

Upon checking our performance in 2006, it emerged that we were short of the target in the environmental conservation activities at production plants, since power consumption increased by 0.2% instead of a reduction of 2% or more in comparison to 2005. Conversely, we successfully attained the goal, on the other hand, concerning the reduction of environmental loads, such as in environmental conscious design and the promotion of green procurement.

We will intensively promote the compliance of our products with the type II environmental label in and after 2007.
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I would like to close by saying that our work in the area of environmental conservation requires not only the disclosure of information from the company, but also your feedback. We would be delighted to hear your comments or opinions about our environmental activities.

President Image:Yorihisa Suwa

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