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Compliance with legal standard values in 2005 is described below:
Strict voluntary standard values are being applied to plant checks.

Legal standard values Voluntary standard values Achievement in 2005 Compliance
Air Pollution Control Law [Particulate] concentration Not exceeding 0.3g/Nm3 Not exceeding 0.27g/Nm3 0.030g/Nm3
Nitrogen oxides 90ppm 81ppm 64ppm
Sulfur oxides (No.3 furnace) Not exceeding 0.62Nm3/h Not exceeding 0.56Nm3/h 0.08Nm3/h
(Nos.1 and 2 furnaces) Not exceeding 1.5Nm3/h Not exceeding 1.35Nm3/h 0.11Nm3/h
Sewerage Law Hydrogen ion concentration (pH) 5.7-8.7 5.9-8.5 6.3-8.3
Normal hexane extracted substances Not exceeding 30mg/L Not exceeding 28mg/L Not exceeding 2.0 - 20.6mg/L
Trichloroethylene Not exceeding 0.3mg/L Not exceeding 0.15mg/L Lower than 0.03mg/L
Tetrachloroethylene Not exceeding 0.1mg/L Not exceeding 0.05mg/L Lower than 0.01mg/L
Dichloromethane Not exceeding 0.2mg/L Not exceeding 0.1mg/L Lower than 0.02mg/L
Other harmful substances

Not exceeding standard value of discharge
Noise Regulation Law Mitaka Plant Not exceeding 60 dB (Adjacent residential area: Daytime) Not exceeding 48 - 64dB
(The maximum values are for when exhaust fans of adjacent facilities are operating.)

Not exceeding 70 dB (Industrial area: Daytime) Not exceeding 51 - 65dB
Saitama Plant Not exceeding 65dB Not exceeding 63dB Not exceeding 48 - 56dB
Vibration Regulation Law Mitaka Plant Not exceeding 60 - 65 dB (Residential and industrial area) Not exceeding 28.4 - 47.8dB
Saitama Plant Not exceeding 65dB Not exceeding 63dB Not exceeding 22 -42dB

*This policy current as of March 31, 2006.

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