Communication and social contribution activities

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Meeting presenting information on the ground pollution problem at the Dai-ichi and Dai-ni Seifu-ryo dormitories to neighboring residents

A news release on ground pollution at our Dai-ichi and Dai-ni Seifu-ryo dormitories was issued on December 22, 2005 and a meeting on the problem convened for the neighboring residents on December 24, 2005. Photo:Social contribution activities

Development of agricultural power saving system

The award ceremony for the 2005 Toyota Monozukuri Taisho (manufacturing award) was held in the Aichi prefecture pavilion of the Aichi Expo (Exposition of Global Harmony), and the top prize was won by the "Agri-Win" agricultural power saving system that uses different natural energies at the same time, for which we are conducting verification tests with Fujita Corporation, Tokyo Polytechnic University and Saitama University.

Photo:Agricultural power saving system Image:Agri-Win

Received award at a ceremony marking “Radio day information and communications month 2005”

JRC was presented with an award by the director of the Shinetsu bureau of telecommunications of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications at a ceremony to mark “Radio day information and communications month 2005”.

The award recognized our provision of free communication equipments for the on-site disaster office and other organizations at the time of the major earthquake in Niigata in 2004 amid continuing afterquakes to enable communications in the affected area, and our contribution to emergency rehabilitation and reconstruction after the earthquake.

We lent out portable wireless equipments for professional use to Nagaoka City and other organizations and provided simplified multiple address wireless equipments for free to Tochio City in response to a request from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. The district of Hanzogane in Tochio, which is located in a mountainous area like the village of Yamakoshi, was hit by mudslides and house collapses caused by the earthquake, and many residents evacuated. We installed a parent station in the Tochio City offices and placed individual receivers in evacuation centers and at the district chief's house in Hanzogane to assist in the supply of information after the earthquake.

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