Environmental achievements in 2005

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The following table shows the progress of our environmental achievement in 2005.

Objective Environmental target in 2005 Achieved Self-
1 Prevention of global warming Reduce power usage by 2 percent or more compared with the previous fiscal year. 1.6% increased
2 To promote recycling of resources Promote segregation of combustible materials. Recycling rate 80.2%
3 Reduction of wastes Promote segregation of combustible materials. Based on final disposed amount
39.5% reduction on 1996 fiscal year
4 Design of environmental conscious product To incorporate careful consideration of the environmental conservation into design reviews of all newly designed products and development items to reduce the environmental impacts of products. 100% achieved
5 Promotion of green procurement For procurement of products designated as special procurement products listed below, to improve the percentage of products (price, number of parts or weight) which meet our "Green procurement guidelines" by 20 points or more over existing products.

Special procurement product: Products, electric parts, and mechanical parts.
100% achieved
Complete a database of NIS* standard parts, mechanical parts, materials and surface finishing, etc.

*NIS means Nihonmusen Industry Standard
100% achieved
6 Compliance with legal standard values To control the discharge concentration according to voluntary standard values. 100% within standard values
7 Proper management of chemical substances To reduce harmful substances.
1 1 Continued investigation of parts in which lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and/or PBB/PBDE are used, their contents and alternatives. 100% achieved
2 Promote RoHS compliance of existing products.
3 Establish system to ensure that the six target substances will not be included in RoHS compliance products.
4 Production sections shall establish production system of high priority RoHS products.
2 1 Strict management of chemical substances. 100% achieved
2 Reduction of specified chemical substances.

*This information current as of March 31, 2005.

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