Environmental Policy

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Fundamental Spirit

Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company") recognizes that the global environmental conservation is one of the most important common issues for all mankind, and will act with full consideration for global environmental conservation in all stages of its business activity.

Basic Environmental Policy

  1. The business activity, products and services of the company shall comply with the laws and regulations related to the environment and other social requirements to which the company subscribes.
  2. The business activity, products and services of the company shall contribute to the saving of energy and resources as well as the reduction of discharges and wastes. The company shall promote the expansion of environmental conscious design products in particular.
  3. The company shall structure its environmental management system to continually conserve the environment, prevent pollution and improve the environmental impacts of its business activity as well as products and services.
  4. The environmental management system established by the company shall define the objectives and targets of environmental conservation that shall be periodically reviewed. The company shall make maximum efforts to achieve such objectives and targets.
  5. The environmental policy, including the fundamental spirit and basic policy, shall be made thoroughly known to all employees and all people working for the company in order to obtain their full understanding and cooperation. In addition, this environmental policy shall be announced to outside the company through the homepages on web site and other ways of announcement.

*This policy current as of March 31, 2005.

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