Further efforts in recycling

Activity report: 2. Promotion of resources recycling

Target for 2004 Achievements in 2004
To increase the rate of waste recycling by 10 points or more from the preceding year 5.9 points increased

Generation of wastes in 2004

The amount of waste generated in 2004 was slightly smaller than in 2003.
In 2004, our industrial waste treatment consignment contract was reviewed and the existing contract renewed.

Quantity of recycled resources
*Resources recycling rate =
Quantity of generated
(Quantity of recycled resources
Volume of permanent disposed of wastes)

Generation of wastes in 2004 is broken down below.
We will make further endeavors to control of waste generation and implement effective recycling.

image:Generation of wastes in 2004

Image:Segregation of combustible material

Targets for recycling of resources from wastes in 2005

Promoting segregation of combustible material

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