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JRC was founded in 1915, and since then has developed a range of original technologies based on our radio communication and information technologies.

As a manufacturer of equipment for radio communication applications, our business is closely connected to the environment. Above all we have learned invaluable lessons from water, so vital to all our lives.

Because I myself have been engaged in the development of maritime navigation equipments over many years, I have made numerous voyages on the open sea to test equipments under development.

Allow me to introduce the products we have developed over the years for use on water.

In 1954, we completed the first weather radar in Japan. We manufacture weather radars for weather stations and airports around the country, and radar precipitation meters and Doppler radars to observe and analyze precipitation data.

Our involvement in water also includes building various control systems for waterways, rivers and dams, agricultural water, water supply and sewerage systems, flood prevention, water quality and environment information systems, and developing water management systems for maintaining the infrastructures of our lives, industries and society.

For use at sea, over the years we have developed a variety of maritime communication equipments (INMARSAT ship earth station equipments) and auto navigators (ship radars and GPS navigation equipment) contributing to safer navigation of vessels in rough weather and offshore conditions. Meanwhile our marine farm systems have helped the fishing industry make the transition from catching to breeding and nurturing (from resource depletion to recycling).

Photo:President Yorihisa SuwaUnfortunately however the deterioration in the global environment, including global warming, has not slowed down: on the contrary, there are many factors causing its acceleration. We acquired ISO 14001 environmental management system certification in 1998 and since the very beginning of our ISO environmental activities have been working to conserve the environment in line with a fundamental principle of recognizing conservation of the environment as an important business challenge, and taking the environment into account in every phase of our business.

The conservation activities of equipment manufacturers like us have two key elements. One is conservation activities at production plants (sites), and the other is developing and designing environmental conscious product. We set numerical targets for our environmental strategies, and in future will focus more on reducing the impact of our products on the environment, now one of our primary concerns.

In 2004, our actual reduction in energy use was substantially smaller than our environmental targets for production facilities. In addition, improvement to the rate of waste recycling from plants was slightly below the target level. Targets for reducing the environmental impact of our products were attained. As shown in the main text, our range of environmental conscious product is gradually increasing.

In 2005, we launched a new initiative to achieve our targets for saving energy and improving waste recycling rates. To ensure compliance with the RoHS Directive (regulations prohibiting the use of hazardous substances in electric and electronic devices in Europe from July 1st 2006), a pressing issue for the company, we will continue to move quickly on measures such as setting up a compliance body for each category (e.g. a subcommittee or working group). For details of this, refer to the following pages.

Our activities in the field of environmental conservation require not only disclosure of information by the company but also feedback from you. It gives us great pleasure to receive your comments and opinions on our environmental operations.

President Image:Yorihisa Suwa

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