Establishment of guidelines to reduce environmental impact through parts procurement.

Activity report: 5. Promotion of green procurement

Target for 2004 Achievement in 2004
For procurement of products designated as special procurement products listed below, to improve the percentage of products (price, number of parts or weight) which meet our "Green procurement guidelines" by 20 points or more over existing products. 100% (However being the first year the most important task is to calculate the percentage.)
To construct a database of 90% or more of NIS* standard parts and mechanical parts 99% achieved
NIS means Nihonmusen Industry Standard

Implementation of green procurement in 2004

In 2004, the rate of valid procurement was calculated for the first time because calculation standards for the rate of procurement were defined to comply with our "Green procurement guidelines". However the standards were used mainly to calculate rates for newly designed products (26 products) and comparison with existing products was made in only one case. Data on the rate of procurement of newly designed products will continue to be held for future comparisons between procurement rates for old and new products, and improving the procurement rate.

Revision of the green procurement guidelines

In 2004, the second edition of the "Green procurement guidelines" was revised and the third edition was published. The key revisions are as follows:

  • Prohibited substances specified by the RoHS Directive added to the list of banned substances
  • Written assurances of non-use and documentation of our abolition program requested
  • Indicators for RoHS compliance decisions requested
  • Reduction and collection of packaging materials requested.
Image:Green procurement guidelines

Overall status of compilation of database of the company's technical standard parts and mechanical parts in 2004

1344 items of data (of a target of 1350) have already been collected and input for a database of environmentally influencing substances in the company's technical standard parts and mechanical parts.

Targets of green procurement in 2005

New products: For procurement of products designated as special procurement products, to improve the rate of procurement (price, weight or number of parts) of products which meet the "Guidelines for Green Procurement" issued by the company by 20 points or more over existing products. However, newly designed products for which guideline-compliant components cannot be used due to such designation given by clients are exempted from this.

To construct a database on environmentally influencing substances in mechanical parts in 2005.

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