The main theme is symbiosis between the earth and people.

Education and Communication

Environmental education

Training and education programs are conducted for rank-and-file employees, members of the environment-related work force (employees engaged in tasks that may have a major environmental impact), law-specified managers and new employees. Photo:Environmental education

Local community activities

As a charitable activity for local communities, we established fire fighting team, ran sports classes and Bon festival dances, and sat on various municipal committees to work alongside local communities.

In addition, as a cultural contribution to the wider community, we cooperated with local authorities in the cities of Mitaka and Musashino plus other local companies to restart exhibitions at the Middle Eastern Culture Center in Japan (Osawa, Mitaka city) in October 2004, following their suspension in December 2003.
Photo:Local community activities

Photo:Middle Eastern Culture Center

International contribution through wireless and telecommunication technology 1

Transportable VSAT earth station
In Nakasato, where the village communication system was damaged by the major earthquake that struck Niigata Prefecture on December 16, 2004, we installed a communication equipment (transportable VSAT) immediately after the earthquake, securing a line of communication with the prefectural government, for which we received a certificate of appreciation from the prefectural governor in gratitude.
Photo:International contribution through wireless and telecommunication technology

International contribution through wireless and telecommunication technology 2

Management facility for Lake Saroma fishing spot and fish farm
This is a system developed for streamlining scallop farming and automatic environment conservation on Lake Saroma, which is located in the east of Hokkaido. Buoys for data observation were placed at four places in the lake to measure the water temperature, salinity concentration, dissolved oxygen and chlorophylls. The collected data are transmitted using wireless communications to the base station (Lake Saroma Sea Farming Fisheries Cooperative Association).
Photo:Management facility for Lake Saroma fishing spot and fish farm

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