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Activity report: 3. Reduction of final quantity of wastes

Target for 2004 Achievements in 2004
To reduce final volume of wastes discharged from businesses by 15% or more from the preceding year 24.8% reduced

First, be conscious of waste separation

The separation of wastes is an action that every employee can put in practice.

A manual on waste handling procedures and separation was prepared. The recommendations in the manual are implemented by employees and fractional recovery is promoted.

image:Final waste volume

Fractional recovery of 19 types of wastes is carried out at Japan Radio Co., Ltd. as follows:
1) Surplus paper, 2) Confidential documents, 3) Corrugated paper board scraps, 4) Waste paper, 5) Waste tea leaves and kitchen wastes, 6) Cigarette butts, 7) General inflammables, 8) Packing materials, 9) PET bottles, 10) General metal scraps 11) Empty drink cans, 12) Spray cans, 13) Wires and cables, 14) Fluorescent lamps, 15) Secondary batteries, 16) Lithium cells, 17) Lead storage batteries, 18) Other dry cells, and 19) Wood wastes

Targets for recycling of resources from wastes in 2005

Promoting segregation of combustible material

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