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Interaction with society as an integral part of business activities

Japan Radio Co. Ltd. (JRC) has been constantly growing as a unique and leading company in the information technology and wireless telecommunication equipment industry since its foundation in 1915.
Due to the fact that more than half our customers are national government offices and local autonomous bodies, we are manufacturing products that you will tend to come into contact as part of your broader social life, rather than as products used in the home. We are also manufacturing products that in a sense correspond to the natural and global environment, probably because of the characteristics of wireless technology.

The rainfall meter installed in mountainous areas, the tele-metering system which collects data on river water levels in an integrated way, and the wireless network used to construct trunk communication lines for administrative information in the event of a disaster are all JRC products with a close relationship to the natural environment.
The weather radar, which is used for observation and analysis of rain clouds is Doppler radar based upon the Doppler effect observed in relation to sound or light waves.
The water quality monitoring system installed at Lake Saroma collects and monitors multiple data on water temperature, salt concentration, and dissolved oxygen and contributes to environmental conservation by taking quantitative measurements.

Turning our attention to the oceans, we have marine electronics equipment for ships navigating the world. The integrated navigation system, which combines a variety of wireless devices and radar systems, is contributing to not only safe navigation but also the establishment of automatic navigation systems, meaning that ships only have to cover the shortest possible distance and thereby reduce fuel consumption.

Correction of discrepancies in the availability of information due to geography is one of main targets of the e-Japan concept. We have solved the so-called last one-mile problem, in which installation of optical fibers is difficult, through the development of FWA (subscriber wireless system) and made it possible to make broadband telecommunications available in remote areas.
We are supplying broadcasting equipment and relay systems to support the extension of service areas covered by ground wave digital TV telecasting, which will soon come into full fledged operation.

For use in artificial spaces, the acoustic system we make should be mentioned, as it successfully supported such great historical events as the Tokyo Olympic Games and Osaka World Exhibition. Now it is used in a lot of event spaces and we are delivering this system in conjunction with a simultaneous interpreting system, which is indispensable to international conferences and meetings.

The GPS receiver that forms an integral part of car navigation units and the PHS browser phone are among the products that have an intimate relationship with customers.

Strong interest is focused on the electric double layer capacitor, which we are developing jointly with Nisshinbo as one of our future products. It is anticipated that this will have applications as a power storage device that has semi-permanent life and will replace the secondary battery that requires organic solvent. A lot of industrial sectors foresee that our capacitor will contribute to making the dream of a sustainable society a reality.

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