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JRC was founded in 1915 and since that time has developed into one of the World's leading manufacturers of Radio Communications Equipment and Information Technology (IT) Products. The company will celebrate its 90th anniversary next year.
Wireless technology is the core of JRC’s manufacturing operation. The term "wireless" simply means the connection of remotely separated places by means of electro-magnetic waves. The way in which these waves are propagated varies widely depending upon conditions prevailing at the ground surface and in the atmosphere, and the weather. The way we have taken is, therefore, a history of our interaction with the natural environment.

Among the many aspects that compose the natural environment, we are most closely involved with "water". Regarding the ocean environment, for example, we can mention radar for locating land and ships, communication through the Inmarsat satellite, and fish finders to find fish schools deep under the sea. In the riverine environment, there is the flood control information tele-metering system, which monitors the water level of rivers. We have released a large number of products related to the water, including waterproof equipment, such as the floatable mobile phone.

When we observe what is occurring in the natural environment from a global viewpoint, however, it is undeniable that the situation is worsening day by day. So, we are tackling the task of environmental conservation by setting targets for our activities taking the global situation into account and treating this task as one of the most significant management challenges facing the company. We are committed to moving forward hand-in-hand with the environment.

More specifically, we have established two general targets. One is promotion of environmental conservation activities throughout our manufacturing facilities. Another is product development and design with the environment taken into consideration. We are committed to reaching the numerical targets of each program.

We reached our first target of promoting conservation activities in manufacturing facilities in 2003. However, we couldn’t accomplish the goal of green procurement, which aims at preferential purchase of raw materials that impose a lower burden on the environment within the framework of the second target, namely, product development that takes environmental conservation into account.

We have already begun activities to reach these targets in 2004, including raising the consciousness of company employees about these issues through education and the establishment of committees tasked to solve individual problems, such as the challenges posed by the RoHS Directive (European regulations to eliminate the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment). For details, please refer to following pages.

photo:Tadahiro Muta  Representative Director and President For our environmental conservation activities to become firmly established, we need to initiate a circular pattern of communication whereby the company not only releases pertinent information to the public but we also hear your views and opinions. The present environmental report has been published only on our web site, in order to make it accessible to as many readers as possible and to contribute to a reduction in resource consumption by avoiding use of the paper, ink and transportation, even though savings in this regard are relatively minor. We would be most grateful to hear your views on this point.

President Tadahiro Muta

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