The list of the planned and achieved activities for Fiscal 2003

Objective Environmental target in 2003 Achieved Self-evaluation
1 Prevention of global warming To reduce energy consumption by 6.0% or more in the unit requirement of production price from the preceding year. Reduced by 11.3%
2 To promote recycling of resources To increase the rate of waste recycling by 10 points or more from the preceding year. 34.5 points improved
3 Reduction of wastes To reduce the volume of wastes discharged from businesses by 10% or more from the preceding year. 51.3% reduced
4 Design of environment conscious products To incorporate careful consideration of the environmental conservation into design reviews of all newly designed products and development items to reduce the environmental loads of products. 91% achieved
5 Promotion of green procurement For procurement of products designated as special procurement products listed below, to improve the percentage of procurement of products (price or weight) which meet "Guidelines for green procurement" issued by the company by 10 points or more over existing products.

Special procurement product: Products, electric parts, and mechanical parts.
Carried over to the next year -
To construct a database of 50% or more of NIS* standard parts and mechanical parts. 93% achieved
6 Compliance with legal standard values To control the discharge concentration according to voluntary standard values 100% within standard values
7 Proper management of chemical substances 1 1 Production sections shall consider introduction of the kind of facilities needed to manufacture lead-free soldered products. 100% achieved
2 Technical sections shall establish a master schedule for lead-free soldering of all product types.
2 1 To investigate parts in which lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, and/or PBB/PBDE are used, their contents and alternatives. 100% achieved
2 To establish a master schedule for reduction of target substances.
3 To reduce amount of use of one or more chemical substances to be reported as specified under the provisions of the PRTR Law, Ordinance of Tokyo Municipal Government on Assurance of Environments, and/or Ordinance of Saitama Prefecture Government on Conservation of Living Environments by 10% or more from the preceding year. 100% achieved

*NIS:(Nihonmusen Industrial Standard) Our quality assurance standard
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The list of the planned and achieved activities for Fiscal 2003
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to 3.Reduction of Final Quantity of Wastes
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