Envisioning the domestic production of radiotelegraphs

1915 - 1929

Chief Events

Four men established the company in 1915. Two of them were, Akira Kashima and Shunkichi Kimura, visionaries who foresaw the bright future of radiotelegraphs.
They launched into business with a great ambition to manufacture and commercialize radiotelegraphs at home in Japan.


Overcoming recession by developing Japanese technology

1930 - 1945

Chief Events

The head factory was built in Mitaka, Tokyo. Year by year, branch factories were opened in local areas to expand productivity and prepare for the controlled economy during the war.
The company actively advanced development with trust in a great future for state-of-the-art technologies such as radio communication and RADAR.


Converting military-related technology to civilian use and contributing to the postwar reconstruction

1945 - 1959

Chief Events

The company, which restarted the business under a new trademark after the war, converted quasi-military technologies to civilian use.
The company reorganized its management by acquiring and developing new technology and products in a new sector.


Leap to the high-growth era

1960 - 1970

Chief Events

The company achieved high growth by strengthening competitiveness through systematization and integration, developing new products, opening up new markets, and further striving for miniaturization, performance, and quality in products through the active adoption of electrical transistors and other new technologies.


Pursuing management efficiency and new growth

1971 - 1980

Chief Events

The company reformed and strengthened its management culture during the period of low economic growth after the oil shock and achieved new growth by actively developing new products incorporating professional IC and computer technologies, such as satellite communication facilities, radio navigation equipment, automatic multiple radio communication devices, and water control systems.


Advancing with highly sophisticated information and business expansion

1981 - 1990

Chief Events

The company developed new products based on communication, control and information technology and still newer products integrating the various high-technologies in the world of the 1980s, when communication and information technologies were fusing into the foundations of today’s advanced information society.


Rapid progress in mobile communication

1991 - 2000

Chief Events

The mobile communication sector the company was entering rapidly expanded during the severe business environment after the collapse of the bubble.
The company developed products for the coming information age such as oceanographic radio equipment and the world’s top aviation weather systems.


Selecting and Concentrating businesses towards recovery

2001 - 2009

Chief Events

The company strengthened its management foundations by “selecting and concentrating Ebusiness in the severe business environment of the 2000s.
We used our high technology to introduce a diversity of network systems, adopt IP systems, and develop world-first products with unprecedented levels of performance and reliability.


Opening up the new era of JRC

2010 -

Chief Events

In our new start under today’s system, we continue to produce new values for society by sharing our outstanding products and technologies.

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